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More about me

I grew up in a large family on a ranch in Montana (nothing like the Duttons- haha!). I currently live in Chatham County, NC and stay busy raising my two beautiful kids.  Being a single mom and a cancer survivor, I truly believe each day of life is full of blessings.

At the University of Montana (Go Griz!) I triple majored in art, psychology, and education. After graduating, I spent several months  backpacking around the world and working on golf courses. In 2001, I moved to Oregon to get my Master’s Degree in Art Therapy.  I loved my job working in a residential treatment program for teens, but Montana was calling.  I moved home for a few short years and continued to work with kids of all ages who struggled with mental health and challenges within their family systems. In 2007, I got married and moved to NC. I  continued to work as a licensed clinician for decades. Over the years, I worked more with adults and client's with trauma.  I became certified in EDMR...

The world stopped in 2020, but it came crashing down in 2021. I had not been feeling well, and was shocked beyond all belief when I was diagnosed with the "C" word.  Yep, cancer.. Though I had grown up on a ranch (with five older siblings, four of which were brothers), been a marathon runner, navigated my way through South East Asia (before google maps or even smart phones!) I knew beating Leukemia was going to be the biggest  challenge of my life. After chemo and a bone marrow transplant I was cancer free! God is so, so good. The UNC staff was wonderful., The prayers, support and love of family, friends, and strangers was humbling and surreal. When 2022 came around, I was once again hospitalized and struggled with losing loved ones. Its 2023, and after all I have been through I am not ready to get back to my old job.  So I have cleared the cobwebs from my paint brushes and started to paint again. 


I sincerely thank you for your interest and support!

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